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First Nine Tapasvins of the Aashrama

Here are the first nine Tapasvins of the Aashrama:

Group 1

U. Ramalingappa. Age 46. Was initiated in 1989. Married and has two children. A commerce graduate and works for his living. He is prompted as a upadeshakaa that is, he is authorized to initiate the seekers. Wife and sons do japah. Attended ILTC seven times. Lives in Adoni, Andhra Pradesh, India.

N. Jayamurthy. Age 50. Took upadesha in 1993. Married and has four children. A double graduate and a teacher by profession. He is promoted as upadeshakaa. Interesting thing about him and his family is that he and his 20 year son are among the group of nine tapasvins. His other son, two daughters, wife and son-in-law all have attended tapovijaya programme. A blessed family. Attended ILTC seven times. Lives in a village called Hulikere near Jagalur, Karnataka, India.

Smt.G.C.Shashikala. Age 36. Took upadesha in 1990. Married with two children. Educated upto S.S.L.C and is a housewife. Yet also assists her husband in running a jewellary business. Her husband is a saadhakaa too. Attended ILTC twice. Lives at Punganur, Andhra Pradesh, India.

D.Buchiah Goud. Age 66. Took upadesha in 1989. Married and has five children. Educated only upto putting his signature. Is a toddy-tapper by profession. He can talk tattva as though educated. Attended ILTC eight times. Lives at Loyalapalle, Nalgonda district, Andhra Pradesh, India.

G.Devendrappa. Age 28. Undergraduate failed student. Took upadesha in 2000. That he can sit in tapas for 40 hours in one sitting is amazing. The sudden surge found in him is unusual. He could attend just one ILTC. He is from Jagalur, Karnataka, India.

N.Manjunatha. Son of N. Jayamurthy featured above. Age 20. Completed pre-university course that made him as a teacher. Attended ILTC four times. Got upadesha in 1997. Lives with his father.

Group 2

Smt. Bharathi. Age 47. Got upadesha in 1989. Housewife, studied upto 8th standard. Her husband is also a saadhakaa. She stays at Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India.

G. Shivananda. Age 47. Got upadesha in 1972. A graduate, married and has four children. Is a farmer. He comes from Ron, Karnataka, India.

N. Mallikarjuna Rao. Age 47. Got upadesha in 1987. A graduate, married with two children. Claims he is an astrologer.

Note: The persons featured above are all quite ordinary, academically below average. Mostly have rural background. Undistinguished in all respects. No one has spiritual background. They rarely read books or magazines. Their contact with the Aashrama was accidental. They had just enough commonsense to judge our saadhanaa and showed grace in immediately embracing the vidyaa. They showed exemplary discipline in doing japah regularly. Their character is blemishless. They are simple and innocent. Perhaps these basic qualities of head and emotions shielded them from distracting stimuli. Blessed they are, for they are knocking for entry into the kingdom of God. Amen.


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