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  Thus Said Yogi Achyuta
A Rare Quote by Achyuta

Unlike others, I have not come to do anything in a hurry. Nor have I come for a minor mission. Age-related issues are not my concern. What I have brought down is puratana adidharma (the very ancient principle that sustains cosmos and everything in it). I know how it should be established. Its origin, nature and its mode of descent should be respected. I shall follow this. I shall assign everything to its proper place. Until then be in peace with eyes open and with a rational disposition. Establishment of dharma is never accomplished with crudity.

It demands peaceful, moral, intelligent and sophisticated approach. The divine person himself has acted thus through his incarnation (reference is to Srikrishna). How can I not follow this method? It is possible.


Yoga is part of veda. But veda is realized through yoga only. He who thus realizes veda through yoga, remains perpetually in yoga and veda, is the yogi.


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