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First Nine Tapasvins of the Aashrama 

In its quest for self actualization and human perfection, thereby granting liberation to the seeker, the aashrama had framed ILTC (Intensive Leadership Training Course) and allowed saadhakaas to undergo the basic course. The course is in operation for more than two decades and nearly 250 have attended.

Now a second and an advanced course, called "tapovijaya", is introduced from Oct 25, 2001. Those who had shown definite progress in japah were selected. Twentyone including two females formed the Group No 1.

On the first day, Oct 25, 2001 - the mahanavami - they were made to sit from 4.00AM to 7.00PM in three sessions, totalling eight hours of meditation.

On the second day, Oct 26, 2001 - Vijayadasami, Dusshera - they were made to sit from 3.00AM to 7.00PM in two sessions, totalling 10 hours. The first session extended from 3.00AM to 9.00AM and the second from 3.00PM to 7.00PM.

Only one failed the course owing to his leg injury.

After having meditated for 10 hours on the second day, a challenge was thrown to the group whether they can prolong the whole night. Eight opted. They were given no solid food, but they were offered Siddha drink (a specific Aashrama beverage). They were made to sit in meditation. from 10.00PM of Oct 26, 2001 upto 6.00AM of Oct 27, 2001 a total of eight hours which is in addition to the 10 hours completed earlier.

Six sucessfully completed the task, two couldn't. The six included a lady. These advanced saadhakaas are programmed to visit Aashrama headquarters on every full-moon and sit in meditation the whole night in one sitting. The schedule is going on.

Group No 2 was formed on Jan 13 and 14, 2002 - Pongal/Sankranthi day. 19 formed the group including four ladies and two repeaters from the earlier group.

They were made to undergo the same schedule of meditation. Out of them, two couldn't complete the course because of physical weakness and the other due to mental weakness.

Three could sit the whole night on the 14th, including a lady and from the earlier group who failed in his attempt to sit the whole night. As of now, the group of advanced saadkakaas has swelled to nine, including two ladies.

The rationale of tapovijaya where very long duration of meditation is advocated is singular; to lead the saadhakaas from the state of japah to the state of tapah and even further. Six hours of meditation means the entry into the world of tapas. The six should become 24 hours and more so that tapas begins to yield fantastic results. Self-actualization becomes possible. Two years time is given for them to get to this state of meditation.

Meditation on and on, extending to many days, even upto 14 days, culminates in brahmatva and parampadavi etc. The 'etc' indicates there is eternity to actualize. Moksha meaning liberation, can be acheived here and now, while living in the same body. It is not correct to say a thing never occurs. God has not created man only to suck him back into itself. No. Man is fashioned in such a way that he has to complete the task assigned to him by nature. The completion of karma is moksha. The target year is set to 2008.

Should one do the meditation for such a long duration? Is it not a waste of precious time? Well, Buddha did tapas for 12 years. We presume Buddha was not fool to waste his 'precious' time. For a minute let us forget the tapasvins. Do the doubters have acheived anything that can be termed as precious? Have they spent their precious time and proved their greatness? Well, let us follow Buddha. It is profitable.


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