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About Yogi Achyuta

Born to parents Bhupavarma and Ponnamma between the years 1900 and 1905 A.D. in the village Benguru, half-way between Madikeri and Bhaagamandala, in Kodagu district, Karnataka State, India.

Family name: Ballaaraponda.

Had one elder brother, Mandana, three younger brothers Nanjunda, Karumbhaiah and Appachu, as also two younger sisters, Thangamma and Mayemma. Mandana was four years senior to Yogi Achyuta, all the youngsters were born at a difference of two years down the line. Appachu was the last to be born.

Left the family in his early twenties.

He did not marry.

Not much is known of his life since he left Benguru until his arrival at Rayadurga, Andhra Pradesh, in 1938. One surmise is that he studied in Madikeri and Gen. Thimmaiah was his contemporary. Later he studied medicine at Madras.

During that period he mastered both yoga and medicine. He kept yoga with himself, but practised medicine under the name Yogikumar Dr. B. Achaiah. Was practising mainly Homoeopathy.

His Guru is said to be Shivashankaraananda, who or what it is remains unclear. He salutes as though it is a principle, not a person.

These are the only known facts of his early life.

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