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*Shree Achyutaashrama is a unique spiritual institution having the rare band tattva-    darshana in its repertory. It is with the practice of brahma-vidyaa that one acquires spirituality and divinity. This is not verbal but actual.

*Yoga-vidyaa saadhanaa is the royal road that leads the practitioner to the goal of reaching the highest state, called paramapadavi. In this state man acquires spirituality and divinity.

*By practicing yoga-vidyaa an individual becomes a saadhakaa, and the starting point of it is upadesha, the act of initiation.

*Shree Achyutaashrama grants upadesha to the seekers thus converting them into saadhakaas. upadesha is given by any upadeshakaa, the initiator or a guru, recognized by the Aashrama.

 *Publishing books, audio and video cassettes, covering the fields of tattva (right philosophy) and saadhanaa (yogic practice). Now, operating a website: www.achyutashrama.org

*Conducting Intensive Leadership Training Course (ILTC), every year, from the 5th May to 20th May, at the Aashrama H.Q. Senior saadhakaas are given the necessary training to reach the goal of acquiring spirituality and divinity.

*Conducting exhibitions, giving public talks, visiting saadhakaas in their own environs and guiding them. This is mostly done by Swamy Seetharam, Lakshmana Swamy and B.H.Nadagoud.

*Looking after the H.Q, Branches and centres.

*When tattva is the right philosophy, saadhanaa is the applied philosophy, based on science and technology principles. This needs proving. What also needs proving is the close relationship between yoga-vidyaa and the structure and functioning of the body. To persue this line of investigation is one of the goals.


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