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Message to Mankind

1. Shree Achyutaashrama is constituted to serve mankind.

2. The nature of service is devised differently. It is equipped with a schemata, incorporating a method that enriches human life as nothing could.

3. Mankind is threatened with annihilation, conflicts, wanton destruction and wars have reduced life to unmitigated suffering and uncertainty.

4. At personal level, man today is in war with himself. Each organ and each system is working disjointedly and at cross-purposes. He feels disoriented and misdirected, thereby feeling oppressed and miserable. Life, for the individual, has become a burden. Life no longer is an elevating or exhilarating experience but a crucifixing cross that one is carrying to his golgotha.

5. Should life be defined in terms of diseases, old age and death? Should death snatch life cruelly as though it is a natural phenomenon?

6. Divinity in man is dimmed. Satan reins over all.

7. Saints, godmen and philosophers have failed mankind. What is their contribution? Did they shape the public to be like them? No, never. They revelled in their own glory, handed over a set of doctrines or a religion, and disappeared. Level of ignorance and superstitions have increased.

8. They all showed God and liberation, contentment and peace, in words and in more words.

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