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A Day in the life of Saadhakaa

I am D. Udayabhaskaram, a postgraduate in Physics and working for a Bank as an officer in Hyderabad, India. I was initiated in to this Yoga on Jan 14, 1981. I am a regular practitioner of yoga for the past twenty-one years. I am able to sit in Dhyaana for a continuous period of eight hours without any disturbance. I had numerous experiences during the practice of yoga. In this year 1997 I was made as upadeshakaa (Preceptor). From then onwards I was initiating people into our way of yoga and guiding the trainees throughout. Every year our Ashrama conducts a training program called ILTC (Intensive Leadership Training Course). I have attended six of such training Programmes starting from the first course conducted in the year 1981.

A saadhakaa\92s day starts at 3:45 a.m. We get up for practicing yoga-vidyaa or Brahma-vidyaa. The ozone layer decends lower in the troposphere everyday in the early hours and during that period the praanayaama will potentify the body with full of nascent oxygen. We know oxygen is the ultimate thing which nourishes the body and keeps the hemoglobin content in the blood at required levels.

Immediately after getting up from the bed, just brushing the teeth and sitting for practice. Actually no need to brush the teeth because there will not be any foul smell in the mouth for a saadhaka who practices yoga continuously. For every five minutes of praanayaama, we have to sit in silence for thrice that time say 15 minutes so as to give time to the energy produced during the sound to be absorbed by the body. This sound will help our mind to consolidate its business and to join the praanan during dhyaana. In that way first round of 5+10 minutes, then going for second round, third round etc..

At 5:45 a.m. we conclude the practice and sit for chanting of vedic hymns(Shaanti mantras prescribed by our ashram) in a rythmatic way as suggested by our ashram, and proceed for our daily routine.

Our Master says that the day is for Kartavya (to discharge our duties for bread for life) and night is for tapas (for self improvement dhyaana).

During the day, while we are in the society, we will be second to none in showing professional skills and during business. Here we should feel that we are going to live for a long time and we have to do the day-to-day business. And this practice of yoga helps in improving our efficiency, intelligence and presence of mind and keeps us cool. It will help us in managing the day-to-day stress.


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