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  Lab Investigations Of Saadhakaas Before 23 Days Of japah 

BRAHMATVA is a peculiar concept. It indicates a second type of self actualization. Note carefully again the sequence of events that leads one to attain Brahmatva.

In the yogic merger it was seen how manas loses its identity but praanan does not. Anyway both praanan and manas return to their respective station and the duties. This sequence is repeated over a period of time. Tapas should continue and finally a state is reached where a different sequence of event takes place.

It can be explained this way: manas loses its identity forever; which means that there will be no manas in the organism hereafter. Now only the two remain. Against the earlier practice of praanan being shunted out after the merger a new arrangement is made where both the aatman and praanan stay together in the III ventricle. This is called Brahmasaakhaatkaara. Here Brahma means simply the Great.

The praanan in the perpetual company of aatman becomes truly great.

Any individual who could achieve this is said to have acquired brahmatva. He then can be called Brahma jnaanin.

Any individual who has achieved this near impossible status, be active with the world and comes down to society so that he can be a leader of men can be called a Yogi.

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Any more explanation should not be given. AUM Shaantihi.

Saadhanaa:  Answering some questions

(1) Having heard that a student saadhakaa is meditating for hours; the learned professor and HOD of an University now retired, opinioned that it is a waste of time. Further he said that his work is his yoga & for him work is worship. Well the professor missed the main issue at stake. Meditation was not done at the cost of a regular job. Our Aashrama strongly advocates that every individual earn a living by some professional means. Every one must stand on his own feet. Practice is restricted to 6PM to 6AM. Doing work as though it is worship is true to all. But meditation is not done inconveniencing the work schedule. In our Aashrama every saadhakaa must work his way to living. Our Pradhaana Guru is a retired employee. He was practising yoga through out his life, minding his work simultaneously.

(2) Why take so much of pains in doing yoga? Particularly gataagati of air said a ruler of a small principality, now a politician and Cambridge educated gentleman. We can only remind him that life is not like a rolling stone. Resistance will always be there. Why let him remember how even sexual intercourse is painful in the initial stages. Is not child bearing and child birth painful? Should motherhood be dismissed because it is full of pains.

(3) Oh we cannot spare our hour for doing japah twice a day, said a Brazilian lady of 55 years. In the western countries life is a race against time. They always run, run & run. Wristwatch controls their life. Should we not pose a question as to what, why & for whom are we living? Individual life is traded for working and for more working. In fact work is killing people. Work one should. But should comfort & pleasure be given a go by in pursuit of stressful life style? Relaxation is absent and instead all are found carrying the cross of stress and tension to our hospitals. The yogic life style offers a different type of work culture where work and pleasure are blended beautifully.


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