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Sensational Discoveries By The
vedic Maharshis:

Maharshis, siddhas and yogis were the masters who could explain expertly the cosmic creation and its subtle functioning. For them, their own organisms were the laboratories and the practice of yoga was the experiment. What they declared after discoveries defy present day logic and reasoning. Let us explain a few of them:

(a) Neo-natal babies have native air within their organism at their time of birth. Exteral air enters the organism after birth. 17th mantra of Isaavaasyopanishat states a unambiguously that gataagati in japa and later tapah, cannot take place with only the atmospheric air that enters the organism through the nose. In fact, gataagati involves two types of airs, - one the native (vaayu), and the other anila, the atmospheric air.

The dead cannot be revived by any amount of pumping of oxygen into the dead body owing to the dissipation of the native vaayu.

From where the native air comes into the foetus?

The answer once again is emphatic: that praanan produces vaayu (praanaad vaayu rajaayate). In any living organism, there shall be found pure air (shuddha vaayu) directly produced by the praanan in its vibration, in the region of diencephalon. Praanan also is located in the floor of the IV ventricle. praanan is the Master Body Builder, under the supervision of aatmam. The vaayu found in the organism down under the brain region is the one produced and stacked there by the praanan while the organs are being formed in the mother\92s womb.

(b) The praanan, the vital and dynamic force that controls the organism, needs a specific fuel as nutrient for its efficient functioning. The vedic scientists called this fuel as asana or annn. Both simply mean food.

Asana is, at the lower level of life, ozone. In the initial practice of japah, gataagati accomplishes the twin objectives of simplifying O2 and O3 to the bodily tissues through blood and to praanan respectively.

The quantity of both O2 and O3 being supplied by the natural respiratory and cardiac output is simply inadequate. Japa and only japah by its peculiar technique, can augment the supply of both more than adequately. Thus japah supplies asana to praanan on a daily basis. The presumption then is, that one should do japah, so that one can live longer and not otherwise. Japah, then, is a natural biological technique given by nature to man so that he can live longer healthily and happily.

In the most advanced stages of yoga saadhanaa , one can survive without the aid of external air. The necessary air is created by praanan in his region of diencephalons.

(c) The locus of praanan is the floor of IV ventricle of the diencephalon and that of aatman is III ventricle. Though praanan is derived from the aatman, the later cannot survive without the former. Both are co-reals and co-eternals.

By the activation of the limbic system, the practitioner will immediately be experiencing the following:

Controlled emotional reaction.
Increased or decreased cardio-vascular response (as per the need).
Increased gastro-intestinal motility and salivation (therefore no indigestion at all).
Increased hunger and sleep.
Increased secretion of gonodotropin, adrenocorticotropic harmone (ACTH) from the anterior pituitary.
Stimulation of the amygolaloid nuclei, bringing pleasurable sensation.
Controlled circardian and other biological rhythms.
Brings on positive behavioural changes and higher motivation.
Stimulates higher intellectual thought process and improves memory.

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