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 Yogi Achyuta Family
   The Holy Trinity:

Yogi Achyuta is the founder and the divine driving force of the spiritual movement that Shree Achyutaashrama has identified itself with. The movement yielded the institution called Rishiamookashrama and later Shree Achyutaashrama that subsumed the former. For the emergence of Rishiamookashrama two persons acted as the midwives and they are Swamy Vijayeendra and Swamy Jayatheertha. The three formed the Holy Trinity.

The concluding years of the eighties saw the emergency of another Trinity in the abscence of the Holy Trinity. The new Trinity is not entitled to add a prefix to the term Trinity. It is a pale imitation of the original, but bravely carrying on the work sincerely. The junior Trinity consists of the Swamy Seetharam,Swamy Lakshman and B.H. Nadagoud.

Swamy Vijayeendra

Is the first known disciple of the Yogi Achyuta and was initiated by the Lord on Nov 16, 1947. He was soon to be appointed as a guru and replaced Lord in giving upadesha to the seekers from 1952 onwards. He was choosen as one, since Lord came down to Bellary in search of him. He was a great teacher, great orator and a great man. Had excellent human qualities. Very impressive with his intellectual brilliance. However Swamy Vijayeendra got traum at the samadhi of his Lord. He hardly recovered from it. Since Swamy Viyajeendra always called him as Lord, we have used the same term here to indicate Yogi Achyuta. He had his two daughters.

Was a teacher by profession, a Tapasavi by efforts and a brilliant philosopher and author of many books. Possessd a powerful personality. Proved a great advisor and a guide to his innumerable friends and disciples. Led a pure life, but later on there was a radical change in him. Perhaps, like Swamy Vijayeendra, Swamy Jayatheertha also felt the devastating effect of the samaadhi of Yogi Achyuta. Otherwise, he led an exemplary life for others to copy. Was honest and straight forward, never to tolerate any type of nonsense from any quarter. He had one daughter.


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