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Darshanaa means vision, seeing; what is implied by the term is that truth and reality are directly perceived and experiened. He who has envisioned it is a true philospher. He is a darshaka. Such darshakas are called Maharishis. Yoga-vidyaa saadhanaa is the appropriate and powerful means of reaching the supreme state of realization.


   Note The Schema:

Note: Saadhanaa takes the vaamana, the puny individual on terra-firma, and remakes him into Trivikrama, the pervayor of the cosmos. Man is the miniature Brahmaanda. You dug deeper into physical reality, you end-up in reaching cosmic- reality. Saadhanaa surely takes one from here to eternity.


Any philosophical investigation into the realm of truth and reality must start from the self. The key to realization surely lies within us and the practice of yoga will actualize it.

Human body is essentially a cellular structure with many organs and their intricate web of interactive functioning. Then there are controlling systems, such as integumental, skeletal, nervous, haemolymphoid, cardiovascular, respiratory, alimentary, urinary, reproductive and endocrine. Indians posit another control system over what is stated above. It consists of manas (the mind), praanan (the vital and dynamic force) and aatman (the soul). The entire physiological aggregate is controlled by the above trinity with the help of operative forces such as chemical, electrical, electro-magnetic and the atomic.

Efficient body functioning implies a yogic state of harmony. Like that of a baby. But the disjointed and inharmonious functioning of man's physical aggregate and the control systems has resulted in the sinful suffering. This state of affair is called viyoga.


Yoga is the antonym of viyoga. Yoga means the most harmonious functioning of the original life system. The practical technique that brings about the yogic harmony is called saadhanaa. It quickens the evolutionary process that leads man, step by step, towards reaching perfection. This state is called paramapadavi, the highest state that nature has set man to reach. Moksha, meaning liberation, results upon reaching paramapadavi. By liberation one shall mean liberation from the crippling limitations of human life. Life does not end in moksha; rather the door into eternity opens up. That is all.


The yoga-saadhanaa that Shree Achyutaashrama bestows to the ardent seekers has six well defined stages. They are:

          i. Upadesha
          ii. Japah
          iii. Tapah
          iv. Saakshaatkaara
          v. Paramapadavi
          vi. Brahmatva


Yogi Achyuta calls yoga as japah. By japah is meant the preliminary stage of yoga. Japah takes place at the physical level, where not much spiritual experience is expected. The persistent practice of japah leads one to the stage of tapah.


Therefore, whenever the term japah is used, it signifies the initial state of affair of yoga.

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