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 Thus Said Yogi Achyuta:  Page 1
A Rare Quote by Achyuta

1. More the medicines, more the diseases.
     More the laws, more the quarrels.
     More the weapons, more the wars.
 2. A bitch may have a gallon of milk in its breast, for whose children can it be useful?
 3. Reading books aplenty and mind becoming sick.
 4. We should not ripen the fruits by force, it is not natural.
 5. Maayic world, \91am helpless. Who cares for my anguished cry? They act as if they are

     right.   Alas it is not so.
 6. The brave are missing.
 7. While performing duties, always think that you shall be living for a long time & while

     sitting in meditation, think that it is your last meditation.
 8. Stand you want to, then stand erect for three hours;Sit down you want to, then sit erect 

     for three hours; When you are able to fix your gaze unblinking for three hours (in japah), 

     then will you be able to observe that which is significant.
 9. The peace is my God.
10.Your head on your legs, your hand on your head.
11.Talk you should never about God and neglect you should not your duties. Always be conscious about the duties.
12. Do not be lured into the sleepy samaadhi.
13. Do not venerate the past.
14. Realize.
15. Striving is the merit of the saadhakas.
16. So long as you have self-confidence, you need have no fear.
17. Why strong vows to saadhakas.
18. Worry is limitless.
19. Err you should not, and pardon you should not seek.
20. Physical to the physical, subtle to the subtle.
21. Do not wear ochre robes, nor respect those who wear and roam about for nothing.
22. Sit. Do. See.
23. Noble human life is not given for mean enjoyment.
24. Chatter destroys the home.
25. Friendship with the mean damages the reputation.
26. Human mind is a brake-less bicycle running downward in the deep slope.
27. Reeding is better than reading.
28. Oh no, human life is not like the bird flying.
29. Do not sideline the bad and the evil persons.Try to wean them from the wrong path and 
      by leading them through the right path.

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