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Thus Said Yogi Achyuta:    Page 2
A Rare Quote by Achyuta

30. Why talk of liberation? (only talk of liberation?)
31. Even a nano-second loss of attention can keep one away from brahmatva.
32. Am eternally grateful to the righteous persons.
33. Since the family responsibilites are heavy, one needs peace.
34. Let them keep the level of their own understanding. I shun it. You keep it so long as
      you  wish it. You will shy it away when you no longer need it.
35. Tall tree, and a short reach.
36. To those who aspire to learn from me, I am ready to show them the philosophy and the
      practice. These are what I have realized for the welfare of mankind and the same I am
      offering them openly. This was the tradition of the ancients too.
37. Do not be trapped into maayaa. This is my personal advice, you know.
38. He fate! World is not giving credence to my words. What I can do! When I intend to
      show the right path to my followers, they under the influence of maayaa strike a deal
      with undesirable persons; alas, what can I do? How much I would like to wish my
      devotees a happy journey of life, but I don\92t get a chance to do this. One can only
      imagine my anguish. It is like not getting a place and time even to express my concern.
39. What attachment is theirs! Did we summon them to listen to their blabber! Having taken
      birth, they ought to realize if something is waiting to be realized. Otherwise, they should
      quit. Who need their worn-out cliche? See the fate of dharma!
40. This is the maayic world, I cannot help! Who cares for my wailing! They only believe in
      what they think is right and live. But surely it is not so.
41. Do not be enamoured of sweet talks. Live always with dharma (righteousness) and
      karma (duties). When life loses its track of right living at young age, the future is
     doomed. Think and always move forward in peace. Yes, the peace.
42. Your actions are always accounted for.
43. Lost anything somewhere? Search at that place only.
44. What life offers you (good or bad), it is wise to live them out. How can you hope to              
    escape from the consequences of your own actions? Use your intelligence and       commonsense in steering clear of tiring situations. Know the reasons for the malady and       find solutions. That way, you can ward off your crisis (Note: it is explained rather than       translated).
45. With this, my final teaching.

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