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(b) Aasana:

 Inhibition of the sensory and through it the motor and the visceral organs from their distracting stimuli, as also the excitation of recticular substance, midbrain and frontal brain, so that japah with full wakefulness is carried on is the aim of saadhanaa. Dristhi, aasana and mudraa are the three vital components.

japah is called on in simple sukhaasana (easy posture). It is most stable since the centre of gravity is very near the earth. Sleeping posture may be perfect since it is absolutely stable, but it can induce sleep by the principle of 'circadian rhythm'.

Standing, swinging or dancing posture are the most unstable because the centre of gravity will be shifting rapidly, energy is wasted over the moving muscles and concentration becomes impossible. Body tires easily.

The rhythmic, long and forceful gataagati of air in the trachea region is not possible under any of the postures cited above except sukhaasana. Concentration becomes possible only here, because the posture can sustaiun saadhanaa for long hours. Body, in fact collapses under the weight of prolonged standing.

The first step in this posture consists in the flexing of the left leg at the knee joint and bringing heal to the perineal region. Right leg is put above the left leg and flexed at the knee joint, heal touching the lateral surface of the scrotal region.

The skin over the heal of the foot is supplied by the medial calcaneal branches of the tibial. The tibial nerve is the continuation of sciatic nerve. The skin over the perineum is supplied by the perineal nerve, a branch of the pudendal nerve. The skin over scrotum is supplied by the serotal branches of the perineal nerve.

The main nervous circuit brought about by this posture will be inhibiting the organs served by them from their distracting functioning. Electrical and neuronal energy flowing downwards is re-routed upwards, thus conserving energy.

The leg crossing is different in males and females. In the male the posture is as described above. The left leg is kept on the ground, pressed down by the right leg.

This is because left side of the body is controlled by the right hemisphere, a physical area in contrast to the left hemisphere, a 'dominant' verbal and higher mental area. Brain is reflexly induced not to send excitatory signals through motor neurons. This reduces distraction.

In the female where the position of the left leg is above the right leg, the motor area is left free. The dominant area is inhibited and the motor pathway is kept open. The female requires more flow of electricity and energy to their pelvic region. This is to help them build better bodies for reproductive purposes. By nature, they are so fashioned as to bear healthy children. Therefore, they require more energy to their life and limbs.

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