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(d) The North and South Direction in japah

It is a strict rule of yoga that one should not face south while practicing yoga. Why?

Earth is a massive body, which rotates on its own axis and has a magnetic field. Magnetism is explained in terms of magnetic dipoles. Dipole means two poles i.e. north and south poles. The magnetic dipole moment is an intrinsic property of fundamental particle. Electrons, for example have a moment 0.928*10-22 Am2 parallel or anti-parallel to the direction of observation. The forces between magnetic dipoles are identical to those between electrical dipoles. Unlike electrical charges, magnetic poles are never to be found in isolation.

Magnetism is intimately associated with electricity. Electrical currents generate magnetic fields circulating around themselves. The earth's magnetic field is maintained by large currents in its liquid core and small current loops behave like magnetic dipole with a movement given by the product of the loop current and area.

The magnetic poles do not coincide with the axial poles. For example, north pole is the point on earth's surface, through which passes the earth's axis of rotation. It does not coincide with the earth's north magnetic pole, which is over 1000 km away or 20 degrees away from the earth's axis of rotation. The magnetic poles, moreover. 'wander'. South pole, similarly through which passes the earth's axis of rotation does not coincide with the earth's south magnetic pole.

Earth's direction of the fields reverses from time to time. The earth is surrounded by radiation belts, probably the result of charged particles from the sun being trapped by the earth's magnetic field.

Human body has a magnetic field similar to that of the earth. The head is the north pole, through which body's vertical axis passes. When the saadhakaa settles down in japah facing north, the body and the earth will both have geographical north poles. Since similar poles repulse each other, they both account for each other.

While sitting in japah facing north, the magnetic field and the earth's magnetic field reinforce each other. Since the earth's field will be adding to the body's field the latter becomes stronger. This is due to the fact that the lines of force of the two magnetic fields will be in the same direction. One field will be adding to the other field, like the addition of second bulb glowing in a room where a single bulb was glowing, thus increasing the intensity of light in the room.

South Pole is considered by the yogic scientists as the death's point. This is for the simple reason, that when the saadhaka faces south in japah, his north pole will be facing the earth's geographic south pole. Unlike poles attract each other, the result is that the powerful earth will be able to cause serious magnetic disturbances which the practitioner may not be able to withstand.

While sitting in japah facing south, the two magnetic fields will be opposing each other, that is, the direction of the lines of forces of the two fields are in opposite directions, which means that the earth's magnetic field will be exercising tremendous disturbance capable of destroying the field pattern in the saadhaka.

The great tapasvins, perhaps would have developed very strong magnetic field so much so that only they would be able to face even the south while immersed in deep meditation.

Generally temples in India face toward south or east, so that the worshippers while doing so, will be facing north or west.

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