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(c) Mudraa:

The little finger is flexed at the interphalangeal joint and the thumb flexed at the metacarpophalangeal joint, both held together firmly, the thumb pressing over the other This involves ulnar and median nerves respectively


The nervous circuits brought about by sukhasaana and mudraa will be utilized by praanan to exercise its effective control the distracting functioning of the bodily organs. It mediates through the cerebral hemispheres. Electrical and other energy flowing in the descending tracks is re-routed through the ascending tracks to their point of origin. Thus the body will be conserving its resources at all levels.

The hands are stretched straight and placed on the knee joints. The three little fingers are also stretched. This way the flow of energy through ulnar and median nerves is re-routed through either of the two nerves. The middle fingers are kept free for one important event, that might happen anytime.

In practice of japah and more particularly in tapah enormous amount of energy is produced and released. The flow is regularized by the praanan. Sometimes, owing to the malfunctioning of the control system, excess electricity is suddenly released. Electricity finds the path of least resistance. Since the saadhakaa will be sitting on non-conducting mattress it cannot reach the earth. Thus, the three stretched fingers will be acting as conducting rods for the electrical charge to escape in the atmosphere.

This is not likely in the females, since the production of electrical energy is very less in them. In case of such an out of normal eventuality, hair on the scalp act as conductor for release mechanism.

The pressing of other fingers by the thumb does not form the circuit between ulnar and the median nerves. That is, when the three middle fingers are alternately pressed by the thumb, only the median nerve is blocked, the ulnar being left free to operate. The circuit is completed only when the little finger is pressed by the thumb.

In the female, the left wrist is held by the right grip and the left hand clutching the left ankle joint. Here, the current is never allowed to flow out, rather the flow is always re-routed upwards. This way, all type of energy is conserved.  

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