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Born on Dec 19, 1919 Shri Karanam Huchu Rao from Kombli, Bellary district, was initiated by Lord on Oct 19, 1950. The good thing is that he is hale and healthy even today. Fully devoted to Lord and is regular in saadhanaa.

Shri Nemakal Ramanna, born on Dec 25, 1922, a charming disciple of Lord, was initiated on Nov 10, 1950. His service to Lord and the Aashrama is praiseworthy. He was a translator of books into Telugu. He was a upadeshakaa. He had a happy disposition. His company was always enjoyable. He died on Mar 28, 1996.

Shri P.N. Swamy (Mangalore Narayana Rao) was blessed in that he got upadesha from Lord at Adoni, while Lord was at Bellary. Lord did not travel to Adoni, yet appeared before him and initiated. Lord also gave him darshan in the North India and advised him to travel to south. He died on Mar 5, 1993.

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