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Shri Singaravelu, born on Nov 29, 1923, militarily discharged, working as a post master, did tapas with Swamy Seetharam and gained a lot of spiritual experience. Family incompatibility undid his tapas and he fell a victim to the crudity of the dear ones. Always smiling and always enthusiastic, always active and always tapa-conscious. He ended his life himself on Mar 18, 1969.

Smt Mukta Bai, still in government service. A terrific lady with single-minded devotion to Lord and the Aashrama. Has seen Lord very closely along with her parents, who were initiated by Lord on Apr 30, 1951. A very rigid person with zero tolerance to nonsense by any body. A powerful personality, always serious, always reveled to LORD. Her belief-system is singular and uncompromised. Born on Apr 8, 1945.

Smt K.P. Sumitra Bai, mother of Smt K.P. Mukta and the wife of Shri K.P. Vithoba Rao was the first lady to be initiated by Lord. An exemplary devotee of Lord until her end on Nov 20, 2001.

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