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Many are called, a few are chosen. Out of the many who received upadesha directly from Yogi Achyuta, or from Swamy Vijayeendra or Swamy Jayatheertha, only a few could serve the cause of the Master. The following who stand out prominently are the ones who had the privilege of the personal contact with Yogi Achyuta. Blessed indeed they are.


Shri Satyanaraya Sasthry, originally from Dronachalam, A.P. His meeting with the Lord is mysterious. Went into the service of the rulers of Anegundi. Was instrumental in getting land to the Aashrama. Served Lord faithfully until his end on May 26, 1993. He was initiated by Lord on Nov 24, 1950.

Shri Hanchinal Ramanagoud, A tall, lean and bearded, a drama actor of repute, a terrific tapasvi, a poet producing poetry on demand on the spot. Could digest deadly poison with the power of tapas. Was initiated by Lord on July 17, 1950. His end came on Dec 6, 1970.

Shri Mandre Ramakrishnappa came from a poor family background, but devoted to the Lord fully. His obedience and dedication, his exemplary devotion to the saadhanaa is worth emulating. He climbed high in the scale of tapas. After Lord\92s samadhi he separated from the original Aashrama, and founded own ashrama. He was initiated by Lord on Aug 21, 1950. His end came on Feb 26, 1989.

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