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Shri M.K. Basappa, Morigeri, Bellary district was dear to Lord while being a student. He later studied at Bellary being in the Ashrama. Very devoted, and very simple and was a good help. He died on Nov 21, 1998.

Shri K.L. Narayana Rao was President of the Aashama for many years. Able administrator, his acumen was appreciated by Lord. He helped Lord a lot. He is uncompromising in his beliefs. Remains a devotee and a private person, in Uravakonda, AP.

Shri B. Vithal Rao, a railway employee at Hubli. Met Lord many times. Rigid but highly disciplined. Devoted to the saadhanaa upto his last. A good singer and a friendly man, his single-track approach to everything did him no good. Yet a likeable personality. His life ended on Oct 16, 1979.

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