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Message to Mankind


1. The spiritual canvas displayed here containing the yogic drawing might appear too large, too complex and too abstract for easy understanding. Let the lazy mind not take the easy route and shut the site. That will not be the sensible act. The human conception, fetal growth, labour pains, parturition and puerperium is really difficult of understanding. Yet we do not dismiss the phenomena as of not worth bothering. Do we? The dictum of the ancients, that yoga-vidyaa do offer the panacea for the ills of mankind, should be accepted as an axiom and start experimenting with it. Yogi Achyuta reasons with anybody who cares to listen, that they do the vidyaa for one year and then judge: if this vidyaa fails to satisfy you, you are free to abandon it.

The belief that God made man in his own image, if true, shall imply that God has his spirit in man. Perchance if this were so, man should always exhibit godly quantities. But this is not found true. Man is found to possess satanic qualities instead.

Man has abandoned God and satan has quietly occupied the space vacated by God. Satan is acting as God and man is under the sway of satan. Satan is ungodly as it is a negative force. The negative force always has a downward thrust. The vedic maharshis have termed this downward flowing negative force as asat, as against sat, which represents the positive force which is godly. The positive force has an upwards thrust. All the ills of man individually and mankind collectively are the result of satanic rule.

Satan is evil incarnate. Irrationality, cruelty and deathly dance are what it is known for. Destruction is its credo. Now what can we do with satan who is ensconced firmly in his seat of destruction? Surely, there is a way out to save ourselves from the impending catastrophe. The simplest and the surest way to squeezing out satanic force and to establish godly force is through the practice of yoga-vidyaa. Japah, tapah and praanayaama are the three phases of yoga-saadhanaa which certainly brings about the change in a short time. Let nobody harbor any doubt, since the truth is revealed here.

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