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Message to Mankind

7. Universal brotherhood is the goal of spiritualism. Whereas religions divide, spiritualism unites. Yogic society can be the most enlightened society where individuals get recognition as individuals and not as belonging to this or that group. Human society would prosper when all the religions are dismissed. Religions are based on emotions and emotionals are unstable and provocative. They are bereft of rationality. In ancient societies, such monsters were not found. Blessed they were. Cursed we are.

8. Whether God is there or not that is one thing. Talk on God is bad indeed. It is futile and meaningless. Instead, the need is to care for one\92s daily activities and duties, rights and responsibilities.

9. Yoga is the heritage of mankind, originally bequeathed by divine powers as a biotechnique, to benefit individuals immensely. Man has to evolve systematically from the given raw state to the state of enlightenment. It is not wise to identify yoga with India. Yoga works silently in man, in any man anywhere on earth. It is given without opening the mouth, and it is done without opening the mouth either. In fact, yoga works in silence and culminates in greater silence. The reality is received in the silence and reached in the silence. In fact, brahman is silence.

10. Life\92s journey with yoga, from here to eternity, is long and arduous. It is likened to walking on a double\96edged sword. Since the reward guaranteed is great, say, greatest, it being simply godhood, enduring all the hardship is well worth the effort. Man is not created just to sin, suffer and die. Is not man, only the man, endowed with varieties of mental faculties, such as manas, buddhi, pragna, chit and ahamkaara? Man is a thinking animal. Power of thinking is given so that he can lead a life full of logic and reason.

11. Science and yoga-vidyaa are not antagonistic with each other. Their area of investigation and the method employed are different. As already noted elsewhere, science tends to investigate the material phenomena taking place outside the man, while yoga-vidyaa investigates the self by looking within. Yoga triggers implosion within the body. Many subtle and psychic phenomena lies outside the purview of physical sciences. The reality lies hidden within each individual and it is only the yoga-vidyaa that reaches up to reality. In fact the creator is a Yogi, meaning that the creation is the work of a Yogi.

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