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Message to Mankind

16. Now Yogi Achyuta is revealing AUM. It is mandatory on our part to take it and do it. Yoga protects man absolutely. It elevates him to divinity. Any society made up of yogic practitioners will surely be bereft of conflicts and uncertainty.

17. Be God yourself by the practice of yoga. Shiva does it. Vishnu does it. Buddha did it. Should we not do it? What is necessary even to Gods, should surely be necessary for all. Think and decide now. So many of our past lives are lost. Should we lose this also ?

18. No doubt, man today is crippled with serious psycho-somatic disorders. In fact, diseases and death are dancing around man. Man has fear and he is sick in his soul. Medication does not reach the soul. Sick persons are dangerous to mankind.

19. Yogic practice can dramatically change the life-profile of man in one year. If man cannot and will not save himself now and here, very urgently, he will be shunted out of existence by the satanic events about to happen. New millennium has heralded the deadliest period of human history. Beware, the present un-godly style of living does not sync with nature. When nature hits back, it will be an instance of terrific fury being unleashed on man and earth. When man dare not correct his folly, nature will. Surely so.

20. Man has to reverse his life-style, from the negative downward sweep to the upward positive mode. Only yoga-vidyaa can be of real help here, since this technique is devised by nature. Let man go back to nature with fortitude and in this blessed attempt, Nature would surely rush to his aid.

21. Yogi Achyuta has unravelled the secret doctrine of yoga, a very ancient one at that, and offered it to mankind, as none did during the last three thousand years. If man does not heed the advice now, he will have to regret it later. But then, it will be too late. Let good sense prevail.

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