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Message to Mankind

Very surprisingly we find in the upanishadic text a prayer which lends a convincing proof for what is being revealed here. The prayer is:

asatomaa sadgamaya
tamasomaa jyotirgamaya
mrutyurma amurtamgamaya  

when translated, it reads like this:

Lead me from asat (negative, deathly existence) to sat (positive existence).
Lead me from tamas (darkness, ignorance) to joytir (light, enlightment).
Lead me from mrutyur (death) to amruta (eternity).

1.The yoga saadhakaa makes this prayer while practising yoga-vidyaa so that the satanic rule is destroyed and the godly rule is established. This is called the kingdom of God. God alone can grant immortality as against satan whose only allowed goal is to bring about destruction.

2. Yoga\96vidyaa transcends all the barriers artificially erected by mankind. It is biological and natural and has nothing to do with any religion or nationality.

3. Asceticism is never the creed of the Aashrama. Family life is advocated. Happiness, pleasure and contentment are necessary for peaceful living, in fact, the practice of yoga grants the above in great measure.

4. A happy and contented person can reach God and never by others. A weepy and weak person is shunned by nature. A rebel, a malcontented and an agitated person and who are having very low spiritual content cannot ever hope to ascend in the scale of reality. Such persons are a curse to society.

5. A balanced and rational food regimen is advocated for any progress in the yoga-saadhanaa. Proper food , proper recreation, proper sleep habits and proper activities guarantee success, not otherwise.

6. Personal and family belief systems, rituals and such other social practices are not inimical to the practice of yoga. They can keep them so long as they find the need for them.

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