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Message to Mankind

12. The cosmic reality, which is infinite, eternal and true and GOD ALMIGHTY are different. When viewed from the absolute point of view, the GOD ALMIGHTY is the original source of everything that has emerged. But the act of actual and actualized creation is the handiwork of some lesser powers. It is sinful to apportion blame to GOD ALMIGHTY for the imperfection found in creation. When the authority to carry on the work and creation is assigned to some powers, GOD ALMIGHTY never interferes. All the talk of the mortals about God, revelations, visions does not refer to the GOD ALMIGHTY. Such occurrences are the handwork of gods only. Even incarnations are done by lesser gods. Such gods are found in plenty, differing in grades of power that they possess. For instance, if vedas, as claimed by the Indians, are the revelation, called shruti (what is heard), it should not be claimed that the revelation is from the GOD ALMIGHTY.

Whatever is given or received from above means that the giver is some God with some quantity of power given to him by the highest power. Let this fact be clearly understood. Why we say this with certitude is that all revelations are received in a state of creative samaadhi and such creative samaadhi is within the direct experience of the yogic practitioner.

Better we stop here, with a prayer to GOD ALMIGHTY to bless the mankind with yoga-saadhana, so that they can have His blessing directly.

Aum shaantih shaantih shaantihi

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