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Message to Mankind

9. How did anybody become great? Why did the greats did not reveal the method that rendered them into greatness? All such persons have fooled, and failed mankind.

10. Now turn to Shree Achyutaashrama: Yogi Achyuta has declared that he became yogi by the practice of yoga-vidyaa. And that, he is giving the same vidyaa to the seekers. That is, any practitioner of yoga, with effort and determination, can become a Yogi and liberated from the crippling limitations of human existence.

11. Yoga-vidyaasaadhanaa is the key that opens up divinity in us and can make life eternal. Life is given to enjoy, not to suffer. Divinity renders life to enter into a peaceful mode. Buddha, Srikrishna and Jesus Christ were divine and at peace with themselves. Were they not born normal? Did they not become great by great striving and struggling? They wrested peace. That is great.

12. Mere worshipment of the great does not make one great. In fact, worshipment and prayers make man a dependent reality. Such men never cast off the slavish mentality. God is available to those who are in a happy mode. The saying anandaaraadhya parashresthaha \96 means that the Absolute is worshipped by being in ananda \96 supreme happiness. The weeper and divinity do not jell with each other.

 13. Yoga makes man to attain peace and happiness. Who says yoga teaches asceticism? On the otherhand, it prescribes enjoyment of bliss. Even sex is not shunned. Nothing is proscribed, except ignorance. Yes, ignorance it is that makes one suffer. Enlightment liberates. Yoga gives enlightment. Also supreme self-confidence; never-to-bowdown-to anybody-and-anything stance.

14. Divinity and evility are both facts of life. Choose the better one, controlling the other.

15. Yogi Achyuta\92s Divine Mandate (AUM) is simple. Embrace yoga-vidyaa. Do it regularly and sincerely. It is a bio-technique devised by nature. It is beyond religions and beliefs. Do not be misled by false systems. All the great secretly did it, only that they did not reveal it to others.

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