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But in tapas it is a juice secreted by hypophysis cerebri. It is a nector, an intoxicant, highly exhilarating, and soothing. What happens after its secretion is that the practitioner goes into a sleepy mode owing to its intoxicating quality. One is always likely to succumb to its charm and lose consciousness, and then sleep for hours on end; deluding him into believing that he was deeply meditating!

It happens quite often over a period of time. The result of the secretion of soma is multiple: mind becomes calmer and happier. Nervous excitement comes down. Body gets a peculiar shining. One gets less argumentative and always in contented mood. IQ increases. Mind becomes capable of perceiving issues of life in a better way. In fact, soma means manas.

Madhu is a next major secretion . It boosts tapas tremendously. It is felt as a thick liquid, like honey. In fact, madhu means honey. The psyche of the saadhakaa gets hightened. Mind acquires special powers to see the past and peep into the future. It acquires what is called vaakshuddhi. That is whatever one spells verbally is likely to come true immediately. One may get into samaadhi, a state highly talked about in yoga literature. Not so really. One matures in yoga and becomes highly responsible, diginified and charismatic. His words ring the truth. He gets yogic visions - both audio and visual. Intellect improves. The upward journey of praanan nears its destination. It is secreted by the hypophysis cerebri.

Before the introduction of amruta, it is necessary to present aatman now.

Aatman: From Life Finite To Life Infinite

It is strange but true that until the modern era man studied the universe and yet did not care to investigate his own body. His study of the universe over the centuries yielded him enough knowledge. He perfected a technology so potent that through it he could show truely amazing results. Innumerable discoveries and inventions reinforced his belief that science and technology are truly great. Thus material sciences could develop faster than the sciences meant to study his own body.

Science studies matter. Majority of scientists by training think and talk in terms only of matter and material reality. Science distinguished primary qualities of objects from secondary qualities. The primary qualities are measurable. The secondary qualities are form, color, smell and beauty which are not measurable. The primary qualities, separated from secondary and expressed in mathematical language, brought science to humanity. Rene Descartes also separated body and soul.

Science and technology have changed the course of life for the modern man. It has granted him so many benefits that he is tending to overlook a few possible bad spots found in them. Science is always viewed with awe and wonder.

Well, does man and his body fit in here? The so-called benefits granted by science and technology, though commendable, have not rendered him real service. In the wake of benefits come fearful prospects of a nuclear war, rippling diseases and painful death. Modern man is supplied with so much that he is enjoying them less and less. He has fear in his mind and is sick in his body and mind. In fact, he is totally bewildered.

What is life after all? How many of us care to think for a while? But think we must, if only because we are endowed with mind meant for thinking. Man today knows much of the extenal world, but his own body and mind remain unknown to him. Really, man is unknown.

Medicine is the only science that cared to investigate the biological aggregate we call man. The science of medicine has a long past but a short history. Only six pioneers are widely known: Hippocrates, Aristotle, Galen, Vesalius, Pastuer and perhaps Harvey. With different branches, medicine could achieve tremendous progress. In their quest of understanding the living man, they cut open the dead body, they found out its structure and imagine its functioning. The technique of surgery has taught them the body functioning as nothing before. Here in medicine also, as in other sciences, emphasis was laid on the material side of the body, neglecting the mental side.

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