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It was believed that there is only one mechanism by which nerves transmit an electrical signal: a series of brief impulses that move down the nerve fibre. There is yet another method for the nervous system to transmit information. The cells coating the outside of peripheral nerves carry a continuously flowing current, in contrast to the small burst of electrical activity the nerves themselves conduct. This constant current radiates throughout the network of peripheral nerves and give rise to the field patterns all of us display. Disturbances to these fields give rise to illness.

The praanan triggers the mechanism of repair and restore process through the thalamus. If the current produced is sufficient, the restorative process would be speeded up. It is known that japah and tapah produce enormous current in the rhythmic movement of vaayu. In fact, the term tapas signifies heat, which is part of agni. The other term for tapas is meditation.

Electricity need not always come from the praanan, though it is a supreme source. There are storage and local batteries located everywhere in the body. For example, apart from the nerves being the source of electrical voltage, the bones become electrically polarized when bent or broken. Bone\92s crystalline structure converts mechanical stress into electrical energy. These volts in turn help to guide cellular repair mechanisms, beginning with the appearance of blastema in the case of fracture at the fracture site.

Supporting evidence has come from the NASA, USA. Astronauts over the prolonged space travel, develop a condition called astro-osteoporosis. Astronauts\92 bones become thin and brittle owing to a loss of calcium. This becomes more serious over prolonged stay in space. Astronauts produce less bone so that they can adopt to life at zero gravity. There they don\92t need big heavy bones in the weightlessness of space because their bone was under less mechanical stress. Hence, it did not generate the normal electrical voltage that helps maintain bone formation.

There is as yet an aura of mystery around the working of the cell. Some level of current is required to exert cellular control. If the amplitude and frequency of the electromagnetic current do not fall within a specific range, cells fails to respond. Our praanan knows the biological waveband with which it sends signals and establishes the channel of instructions.

In cellular communication, ions (and not words) are the key elements. At the right waveband, the electrical signal sent by the praanan through the thalamus move ions, such as sodium, magnesium and calcium across the selective membrane of the cell. This in turn unleashes a chain of chemical reactions within the cell itself. DNA is involved here. It is the praanan which determines as to which genes are to be switched on or off. This way, a cancer cell can be transformed into a normal cell, or a bone cell into a cartilage.

Praanan the master, can modulate anything and everything since it is the primordial builder of this wonder, called the body. With a very strong magnetic field, neurological changes take place, since the electrical signal is within the range of the alpha and beta waves of the brain. This enhances brain activity and excellence on the one hand and the cellular regenerative activity on the other. Hence infinite possibilities will open up the technique of japah and tapah. With the brain working with fuller potentialities and the organism rising up to the expectation of the aatman, praanan can work wonders within the body. It can conquer cancer, regrow limbs and organs, improve and later actualize the infinite potentialities of the brain for the service of the indweller \96 the aatman, that is, ME

That praanan requires nutriment in the form of asana is noted above. This way it is supposed that all other entities such as manas, aatman, sense-organs do not require asana. What about the juices such as soma, madhu and amruta? For whom are they secreted? Like O2, soma and madhu are poured into blood and distributed everywhere. Since asana is gaseous and only praanan consume it; soma and madhu are liquids and praanan cannot consume. In fact, it has no means of consuming them.

The cells do not partake in the consumption of asana. But they all delight looking at praanan getting satiated with food. But they get their due share of the juices which make them happy and contended.

Madhu Higher and amruta: As noted earlier, hypothysis cerebri secretes madhu. But there is another gland, epiphysis cerebri, which also secretes a juice quite similar but superior to madhu. The effect of madhu is accentuated in this madhu higher. The juice prepares the saadhakaas to an important coming event of the merger of praanan and manas with aatmam.

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