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Why so? The answer is that the science of medicine ,like other sciences, would like to think and talk in terms only of material events. Only the material events and nothing more significant.

Well, does not man have a mind which acts powerfully on the body? Man has emotions, intellect, intelligence, unconsciousness, dreams and the like, which together constitute the mental side of the organism. Who do not know that emotions affect us tremendously? Fear can stop digestion. Guilt disturbs health. Pleasure brings on blushing.

The mission of healing the sick has brought in mixed results. Surgery and hygiene are the blessings for mankind, other aspects are not so. Removal of a malady is seen often to leave behind an uneasy calm. Absence of disease is not health.

What has man learned about himself through the science of medicine? More about the structure and functioning of the body. About mind? Just a little. This is all the knowledge that man has gained about himself. Medicine has taken the first step. More strength to it in its future endeavor.

The man known is but a fraction of what remains to be known of real man.

In our body flows electricity, which plays pervasive role in governing vital cellular functions. Cells understand the language of electricity through electrical signals.

We all wear an invisible electromagnetic garment that shields us from head to toe. From the moment of conception, electrical currents begin to flow in the tiny fetus guiding the intricate process that culminates in birth. We retain the electromagnetic garment as a birthday suit that we carry throughout life. Disturbance in these fields portent illness. In fact, this is the basis for acupuncture diagnosis. Whenever body gets injured, our primordial current flows strong until the wound heals up. Healing or regeneration of limbs is facilitated by the higher production of electricity. Thus, given the electrical environment, the cells in our body could be made to differentiate into new tissues.

Salamander can regenerate as much as 1/3 of its body mass. This process of regeneration is, in its very essence, a rebirth. Cells are capable of extraordinary feats. When a salamander regrows a limb or an organ, red blood cells at the injury site lose their specialized function. They return to primitive, almost prenatal state, ready to be remolded anew. In facts, this cluster of amorphous cells is called a blastema. As blastema grows, undifferentiated cells regroup into complex tissues of the body part that they have to replace. Electricity plays an important role in this regeneration.

Our body has retained the capacity to regenerate. It is the controlling factors that is lost by us. Electricity generated in japah and tapah is the controlling factor in the regeneration process. Electricity is part of agni, which is generic name for all forms energy.

Electromagnetic fields surrounding our body roughly parallel the major pathways of the nervous system. Nerves conduct electrical charge and signal everywhere. Blastema formation is due to these signals.

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