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Amruta is a super juice highly talked about in terms of yogic blessing. It is the juice graced by epiphysis cerebri, known as pineal gland. The routing of juice is worth nothing: that epiphysis cerebri secretes amruta at two different levels. In the first level, it is powered into the blood. This happens just before the self-actualization. Later amruta is routed through the III ventricle and flow into the cerebrospinal fluid. This signals the top yogic event, the event that makes the individual into a blessed one. Divinity touches him and the dawn of enlightenment burst forth.

The existence of aatman is not a supposition but a certainty, as also the existence of vaayu, asana, praanam, manas, brahman and the like. They all can be realized in yoga. While asana is an event, others are entities with well-defined characteristics.

Aatman and praanan, along with vaayu and brahman are talked of very highly in eulogizing terms in Indian philosophy. They are not to be speculated upon, but to be realized by each one of us. Jnaana (knowledge) has no meaning unless it becomes swajnaana (self-knowledge, meaning direct experience). The application of yoga makes swajnaana possible.

In their ascending spiritual journey, praanan with manas reaches the proximity of III ventricle. A momentous event is to take place now: aatman the lord and praanan the master have to merge with each other; in fact, it is the lord which allows praanan to go near it and touch it. The event follows after praanan knocks on the door of the III ventricle. Knock, knock and knock. The knocking is done through the use of specific code which only the two involved understand. When aatman identifies the knock of praanan, the door is thrown open. Bright golden-blue light appears inside, but nothing is seen. In a split second, aatman sucks praanan with manas in, and the door is closed. This is, in fact, laya, even though momentary. In this yogic state, manas is totally is absorbed, while praanan is kept in close proximity.

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